Ambry – Oil Case

Every parish church is given a supply of holy oils blessed at the annual Chrism Mass.  These precious oils are used in the period of the Catechumenate, Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, and for consecration of Priests, Bishops, and altars.  These are the Holy Oils of the Church. They are the OIL OF THE SICK, used for anointing and healing. The OIL OF CATECHUMENS used for protecting the faith of those coming into the church through Baptism. The last oil is the SACRED CHRISM, which is the sanctifying Oil of the Church. Chrism is used at Baptism, Confirmation, Ordination, and to dedicate new churches and altars. Its special spicy aroma sets it apart from the other oils. Each year during Holy Week, the Bishop gathers with faithful from across the Diocese and blesses the Oil of the Sick and Catechumens and consecrates the Sacred Chrism at the Chrism Mass. Each parish renews its supply of Sacred Oil at the Mass and takes them back to the primary church building. The Cathedral keeps an abundant supply in case a parish runs low before the next Holy Week.